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Congress at Home

The power to affect the status quo begins at the local level, most importantly at home with the family

The Last Best Hope |  Region: United States |  Subject: General Interest |  7/30/14 |  Views: 0 |  


The Political Spectrum- Part 2: Musical Chairs

Where to sit? Part 2 offers a reassessment of the traditional approach to the political spectrum

The Last Best Hope |  Region: United States |  Subject: Multi. Political Parties |  7/22/14 |  Views: 20 |  


The Political Spectrum- Part 1: A Place to Sit

Where to sit among the warring ideologies of our time?Part 1 gives an overview of the traditional political spectrum

The Last Best Hope |  Region: United States |  Subject: Multi. Political Parties |  7/22/14 |  Views: 27 |  


New Obamacare Ruling Today

What's wrong with expanding affordable access to healthcare

BleedBlue |  Region: United States |  Subject: General Interest |  7/22/14 |  Views: 14 |  


The War on Work Revisited

I recently saw a video by the CATO institute called "The War on Work." This is my reaction

DonnsBlog |  Region: United States |  Subject: Family & Children |  7/22/14 |  Views: 12 |  


Sit Before You Stand

How is it that the realm of politics can be the focus of so much animosity in a country where the power is held by we the people?

The Last Best Hope |  Region: United States |  Subject: General Interest |  7/18/14 |  Views: 58 |  


Has the American dream died with millennial's?

90's last true period of unquestioned prosperity

BleedBlue |  Region: United States |  Subject: General Interest |  7/16/14 |  Views: 18 |  

BleedBlue |  Region: United States |  Subject: General Interest |  7/15/14 |  Views: 6 |  


Drugs are bad for you.

This is just a rant about drugs and how stupid people talk about it way too much.

DonnsBlog |  Region: United States |  Subject: General Interest |  7/13/14 |  Views: 33 |  


The debate over Syrian Rebel Aid

I toy around with why foreign aid to rebel factions has not historically been in our best interest.

DonnsBlog |  Region: United States |  Subject: Foreign Policy |  7/04/14 |  Views: 12 |  

Political Discussions

Should We Have Stricter Gun Laws?

Stricter gun control laws enter the public debate every time we witness a major gun violence incident but then slowly fizzles out of our daily conversation. How do you feel about the issue? Can these...

By: PoliticalNovice |  Region: United States |  Subject: Gun Rights |  Views: 2,705 |  Replies: 5

Intro Post

This post will be where we introduce ourselves and tell a little about our service. I'll kick it off.

I joined the Navy in 1998 so that I could become a submarine driver. Following college at...

By: dillon.allen |  Region: United States |  Subject: Groups |  Views: 774 |  Replies: 0

Why aren't we using voter ID cards?

Why haven't voters been required to have a voter identification card? This would help to ensure that people are voting for themselves only and that they are register to vote. I do not understand why we...

By: mattc1323 |  Region: United States |  Subject: Elections & Voting |  Views: 1,512 |  Replies: 16

Are "Covered Jurisdictions" Still Needed in the Voting Rights Act?

After the civil war, many states implemented laws and procedures that continued to disenfranchise African Americans. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlawed voting qualification requirements that would...

By: PoliticalNovice |  Region: United States |  Subject: Elections & Voting |  Views: 2,454 |  Replies: 0

Lowering The Voter Age

I came across an interesting article from the National Youth Rights Association making the argument for lowering the legal voting age from 18 to 16. After seeing the headline, I was curious about how...

By: PoliticalNovice |  Region: United States |  Subject: Elections & Voting |  Views: 5,722 |  Replies: 8

Personhood Initiatives

As an attempt to ban abortion, embryonic stem cell research and human cloning, several states have either had or will have voter initiatives to define "personhood" at the moment of fertilization. While...

By: PoliticalNovice |  Region: United States |  Subject: Abortion |  Views: 3,476 |  Replies: 6

What To Do About Underfunded PERS

The Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) is underfunded by more than $12 billion which is about 62% of what is needed to fund its liabilities. This threatens both retiree benefits and costs to taxpayers....

By: PoliticalNovice |  Region: Mississippi |  Subject: Budget, Spending & Taxes |  Views: 2,185 |  Replies: 0

Are There Too Many School Districts?

Mississippi has 82 counties and 149 school districts (plus three agriculture schools). In certain districts, administrative costs account for over half of the money spent which means less than 50% of...

By: PoliticalNovice |  Region: Mississippi |  Subject: Education |  Views: 1,026 |  Replies: 0

What's Next For Personhood In Mississippi?

With 58% of Mississippians voting against Initiative 26 on November 8th, what's next for Personhood in Mississippi? There were a lot of conflicting arguments in the final days leading up to the vote with...

By: PoliticalNovice |  Region: Mississippi |  Subject: Abortion |  Views: 6,382 |  Replies: 3

How Will The Pardons Affect Barbour's Legacy?

In his final days in office, Barbour pardoned an unprecedented 208 convicts after pardoning only 8 during his first seven years in office. Controversy surrounds many of these due to the nature of their...

By: PoliticalNovice |  Region: Mississippi |  Subject: General Interest |  Views: 1,483 |  Replies: 0

Political News

S.E. Cupp: Mark Cuban for president?

CNN |  7/30/14 9:37 AM

S.E. Cupp says the entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner thinks for himself and refuses to be confined to an ideological box.

Domestic violence: The next front in the gun debate

CNN |  7/30/14 9:37 AM

This deadly domestic violence scenario is attempts to portray what some women face. It is also depicts the next front in the gun control debate.

US economy grew at strong 4 percent rate in spring

Fox News |  7/30/14 8:34 AM

After a dismal winter, the U.S. economy sprang back to life in the April-June quarter, growing at a fast 4 percent annual rate on the strength of higher consumer and business spending.

Washington state council approves controversial 'In God We Trust' plaque

Fox News |  7/30/14 8:20 AM

After hours of heated debate on Tuesday, Washington state’s Pierce County Council voted to display the national motto “In God We Trust” in its chambers.

Congress races to tackle VA, border crisis and more before recess

Fox News |  7/30/14 8:18 AM

That sound you hear is the buzz of Congress actually trying to get something done.

F-35 fighter jet: Most expensive weapons program ever

Fox News |  7/30/14 8:06 AM

A new analysis of the F-35 fighter jet shows it’s not only the most expensive warplane ever. Once the engines are added, it’s also the most expensive weapons program in history.

Philly schools could soon be ‘one-stop location’ for government handouts

Fox News |  7/30/14 8:00 AM

Instead of the welfare office and City Hall, Philadelphia residents may soon be lining up at schools to apply for government benefits.

So Sue Him

ABC Politics |  7/30/14 7:58 AM

By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) NOTABLES ANALYSIS — ABC’s JEFF ZELENY: The House of Representatives takes its final step today to approve its lawsuit against President Obama, opening a rare legal gambit of the legislative branch trying to sue the executive branch. No,...

US grew faster in 2nd half of 2013

Fox News |  7/30/14 7:57 AM

Fueled by healthier consumer spending, the U.S. economy grew in the second half of last year at the strongest pace in a decade and more than previously estimated, new government data show.

GOP-led House ready to OK lawsuit against Obama

Fox News |  7/30/14 7:43 AM

Republicans are ready to muscle legislation through the House authorizing an election-year lawsuit against President Barack Obama that accuses him of exceeding his powers in enforcing his health care law.

Appeal planned for Florida's 'docs vs. glocks' laws

Fox News |  7/30/14 7:29 AM

Doctors and health care providers challenging a Florida gun law say they will appeal a recent decision to uphold the measure.

Government spending $200,000 to study ‘gender bias’ on Wikipedia

Fox News |  7/30/14 7:26 AM

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is spending over $200,000 to find out why Wikipedia is sexist.

Crossfire Reloaded: Our atheists are better than your atheists

CNN |  7/30/14 6:12 AM

S.E. Cupp states the case for atheists joining the conservative ranks.

Boehner: No GOP plans to impeach Obama

CNN |  7/30/14 6:11 AM

House Speaker John Boehner says the GOP has no plans to impeach Obama and the rumors are an election stunt by Democrats.

U.S., EU coordinate on Russia sanctions, but will they work?

CNN |  7/30/14 6:10 AM

More Russian aggression in Ukraine. More U.S. and European sanctions imposed on Moscow.

Obama Rated Poorly on Mideast Conflict

ABC Politics |  7/30/14 6:01 AM

Barack Obama falls short of majority approval for his handling of two of the world’s prime hotspots in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, with an especially weak rating for his work on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Just 39 percent of Americans...

Obama reportedly weighs cutting back on illegal immigrant deportations

Fox News |  7/30/14 4:31 AM

President Obama is considering executive actions to reduce the number of illegal immigrant deportations, including issuing work permits to some of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S., according to a published report. 

Watch: Obama: New Round of Sanctions Doesn't Mean 'New Cold War'

ABC Politics |  7/29/14 9:56 PM

European Union, United States make stand against Russia's support of rebel forces in Ukraine.

Watch: Boehner Calls Obama Impeachment Talk a 'Scam'

ABC Politics |  7/29/14 9:55 PM

Speaker of the House denies plans to oust President Obama.

Watch: President Obama Announces New Sanctions on Russia

ABC Politics |  7/29/14 9:53 PM

The European Union joins the United States making a stand against Russia's actions in Ukraine.

Watch: Boehner Calls Impeachment 'A Scam Started By Democrats'

ABC Politics |  7/29/14 8:54 PM

"We have no plans to impeach the president," Boehner told ABC News' Jeff Zeleny. Democrats are just "trying to rally their people to give money and to show up in this year's elections."

More VA employees said they were told to falsify data

CNN |  7/29/14 7:41 PM

Roughly half the schedulers at multiple Veterans Affairs hospitals said they received instructions from supervisors to falsify data and hide the true time it took patients to be seen by a doctor after making an appointment, new details from an internal VA audit show.

The truth about lame duck presidents

CNN |  7/29/14 7:29 PM

A crisis like the Gaza conflict or the surge of immigrants can be an opportunity for a lame duck president, writes Julian Zelizer

Giffords: Guns killing women -- time for Congress to act

CNN |  7/29/14 7:28 PM

Gabrielle Giffords and Katie Ray-Jones say Congress must address domestic violence and guns

Opinion: Kerry's cease-fire dispute bolsters hard-liners

CNN |  7/29/14 7:27 PM

The current rift between Israel and the Obama administration over the terms of a cease-fire in Gaza is empowering hard-liners in the Israeli government and in Hamas who don't want to end the fighting.

U.S. officials: Ukraine firing ballistic missiles at rebels

CNN |  7/29/14 7:27 PM

U.S. officials say Ukraine is firing on pro-Russian rebels with short-range ballistic missiles. Barbara Starr reports.

10 Sexy Things President Warren Harding Told His Mistress

ABC Politics |  7/29/14 5:39 PM

Library of Congress releases steamy correspondence from 29th president.

How the Democrats Co-Opted Tea Party's Impeachment Talk

ABC Politics |  7/29/14 5:07 PM

Chatter about impeachment has been all the rage in Washington this summer. Democrats say Republicans are shilling for it. Republicans counter that the buzz is merely a Democratic fundraising ploy. So who really started it -- and when?

Five Things to Know About the New VA Secretary

ABC Politics |  7/29/14 3:45 PM

Senate confirms Robert McDonald, former CEO or Proctor & Gamble.

Obama: New Russia Sanctions Will Have 'Even Bigger Bite'

ABC Politics |  7/29/14 3:43 PM

President Obama addressed the latest round of sanctions against Russia today in a statement at the White House.

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