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PLAN (Pro-Life America Network) seeks to coordinate a comprehensive effort to begin to end abortion. Our PLAN is to network together and make abortion a thing of the past in Mississippi.


Mississippi once led the nation in legal protection for the unborn. Though we have only one abortion clinic remaing in our state, our laws protecting life need to be improved. According to the recent state report card published by American’s United for Life, Mississippi now ranks at No. 15 and our neighboring state, Louisiana, ranks at No.1.

There are many things that can be done to end abortion. No one thing is the answer. We should all work together to implement both laws that can be enforced now under the current shadow of Roe Vs Wade, and also push for laws that will challenge the status quo. The two are not mutually exclusive - WE CAN DO BOTH.

We have several bills introduced this legislative session that will require admitting privileges, ban abortion after a detectable heartbeat, require the reporting of chemical abortions, and that will make adoption an easier option for women who seek to carry their babies to term.

We can pass every bill we can think of to thwart abortion. Some will go into effect and some can go into the courts and God can work all things together for the good.

We often hear the discussion about the best way to end abortion. Some say we need more people at the clinic, some say we need better laws, many say we must overturn Roe Vs Wade, some say we just need to help women, some want to show the graphic pictures and others do not, others say it is a spiritual battle that requires we reach the lost and stay out of political arena. I believe it will take all of us working together and doing all of the above to win the culture and defend life.

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Visit NOW, READ the bill, SIGN the petition, SPREAD the word!

Call your State Representative, State Senator and Lt. Governor Tate Reeves TODAY and ask them to support all measures to protect life. You can find your Senator & Representative on TheSmartVoter or you can call the Capitol switchboard at (601) 359-3770.

You can view details and updates on the website listed above.

Also, don't forget to join PRO-LIFE GROUP on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter for immediate news from the Capitol.