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TheSmartVoter home for all who have served. Drop in and share your stories of when you were still "in". Exercise the freedoms you served to protect.


As veterans, we often hear of memorials in honor of those fallen brothers and sisters who died to gain and protect our freedoms. We owe it to them to exercise those freedoms. People like the PoliticalNovice who put his time and effort into designing this site have given us an opportunity to do just that. So join this group and let our collective voices be heard. As was the case when we served together, we won't always agree. But we have a common bond of experience that many of our countrymen won't be able to understand. The bond that gives you that sinking feeling of slight embarassment after you say "You're welcome" to someone for who thanks you for your service as you think of those who gave more. But we all played our part at some level either at the tip or as the knife that cut the lashing to hold the spear together - we earned the honor to be an American veteran. Display that honor here and let freedom do some ringing.

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