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Welcome to TheSmartVoter™ and thanks for taking the time to see what it's all about.  What started out as a hobby by someone with no web design or programming experience has turned into a passion to help others get more educated and more involved in the political process.

The goal isn't to get you to think like me or vote like me.  The goal of TheSmartVoter™ is to make it easier for regular people (like me) to get involved in the political process regardless of party affiliation or political beliefs.  First, by educating ourselves and then by taking action. 

For those that are trying to figure out which way the site leans, let me save you the time and trouble.  TheSmartVoter™ has ABSOLUTELY no affiliation with any political party or candidate whatsoever.  At the same time, it's not a non-partisan website either.  TheSmartVoter™ is an "all-partisan" platform that welcomes any and all viewpoints (other than views that are abusive, obscene, illegal, etc.).  I believe you can have a core set of values but still learn from other viewpoints and that's what the site is all about.  Learn about the issues and fight for what you believe in but try to keep an open mind along the way.

TheSmartVoter™ is a young site that is slowly but steadily improving.  While there are many features already built into the site today, there's still A LOT more to come.  If you believe in what I'm trying to do here, please visit the Help The Cause page to see the many different ways you can help make a difference.  Also, feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or complaints.  I welcome any and all constructive feedback.  Thanks!


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You can contact me using the online forms or by sending me an email:

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