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The Real Problem about Politics. It’s not Funny.

Lack of Political interest among the youth.

Da Young Politics  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Education  |  1/09/15  |  Views: 7  |  

CHEAP OIL! For now.

Cheap Oil for a limited time while supplies last.

Da Young Politics  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Energy  |  1/03/15  |  Views: 1  |  

Failure to Communicate

Doublespeaking "leaders" lead to more violence

The Last Best Hope  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Crime & Law  |  12/29/14  |  Views: 4  |  

Why Democrats Cannot Win

The two largest reasons Democrats got slaughtered in the 2014 Midterms.

Problems of Politics  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Elections & Voting  |  12/04/14  |  Views: 15  |  

A Nation in Desparity

On the morning after the Grand Jury's decision in the Ferguson case, United States citizens are left wondering what will come next.

Politically Incorrect  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Civil Rights  |  11/25/14  |  Views: 9  |  

Where are true Conservatives??

Change needed in American politics

Cky's View of the World Stage  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  10/08/14  |  Views: 40  |  

Dear Scott DesJarlias

A brief letter I wrote to Scott DesJarlais why I feel he does not fulfill his duty as a Representative

The Adams Attorney   |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  10/07/14  |  Views: 28  |  

An Education in Rebellion

Jefferson County School District: Misguided students and a manipulative teachers union...

The Last Best Hope  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Education  |  10/05/14  |  Views: 25  |  

Eric Holder: Greatest Hits

The best of the worst...

The Last Best Hope  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Crime & Law  |  10/01/14  |  Views: 23  |  

America's Wings of Prosperity and War: part I

Part I of a brief synopses of my ideological view of terrorism in the 21st century and the actions taken by the U.S.

The Adams Attorney   |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Foreign Policy  |  9/23/14  |  Views: 25  |  

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