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A Modest Proposal

A short post on how to improve the college admissions process.

The Kennedy Democrat  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Education  |  4/22/14  |  Views: 7  |  

For Learning, Not Earning

College is about giving students what they need—not taking what they have.

The Kennedy Democrat  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Education  |  4/21/14  |  Views: 15  |  

The Case for a Carter Dynasty

There were the Adams', and the Roosevelts, then the Kennedys, and the Clintons (cross your fingers). Will Jason Carter establish a Carter Dynasty?

The Kennedy Democrat  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Elections & Voting  |  3/30/14  |  Views: 10  |  

The Most Underappreciated President in US History

Why doesn't this President receive more respect and admiration?

The Kennedy Democrat  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  3/30/14  |  Views: 34  |  

A few thoughts on Crimea

Thoughts on Crimea.

Denouement Sunrise  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Foreign Policy  |  3/20/14  |  Views: 16  |  

2014 U.S. Senate

Here's a color-coded list of the 2014 U.S. Senate, with markings by Congressmen up for reelection or who are retiring. Enjoy!

The Kennedy Democrat  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Elections & Voting  |  3/19/14  |  Views: 25  |  

Keystone XL Pipeline Expansion is a Bad, Bad Idea

There's more to the alleged Keystone XL benefits than some think

The Kennedy Democrat  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Energy  |  3/19/14  |  Views: 40  |  


Who I am, and why you should read my blog.

The Kennedy Democrat  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  3/18/14  |  Views: 20  |  

Obamacare Dems: Big Government Dependency

Obamacare Dems reveal themselves to be the party of less work, more dependence.

Rightly So  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Democrats  |  2/19/14  |  Views: 20  |  

Conservative Wanted, Clintons Need not Apply

Are Democrats looking for a conservative alternative to Hillary Clinton? The answer may surprise you.

Elections Watch - 2016  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  2/10/14  |  Views: 14  |  

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