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The Political Spectrum- Part 2: Musical Chairs

Where to sit? Part 2 offers a reassessment of the traditional approach to the political spectrum

The Last Best Hope  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Multi. Political Parties  |  7/22/14  |  Views: 19  |  

The Political Spectrum- Part 1: A Place to Sit

Where to sit among the warring ideologies of our time?Part 1 gives an overview of the traditional political spectrum

The Last Best Hope  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Multi. Political Parties  |  7/22/14  |  Views: 24  |  

New Obamacare Ruling Today

What's wrong with expanding affordable access to healthcare

BleedBlue  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  7/22/14  |  Views: 14  |  

The War on Work Revisited

I recently saw a video by the CATO institute called "The War on Work." This is my reaction

DonnsBlog  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Family & Children  |  7/22/14  |  Views: 9  |  

Sit Before You Stand

How is it that the realm of politics can be the focus of so much animosity in a country where the power is held by we the people?

The Last Best Hope  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  7/18/14  |  Views: 58  |  

Has the American dream died with millennial's?

90's last true period of unquestioned prosperity

BleedBlue  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  7/16/14  |  Views: 18  |  

BleedBlue  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  7/15/14  |  Views: 6  |  

Drugs are bad for you.

This is just a rant about drugs and how stupid people talk about it way too much.

DonnsBlog  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: General Interest  |  7/13/14  |  Views: 33  |  

The debate over Syrian Rebel Aid

I toy around with why foreign aid to rebel factions has not historically been in our best interest.

DonnsBlog  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Foreign Policy  |  7/04/14  |  Views: 12  |  

Wait, Which One was Iran Again?

The neocon pro-war crowd has done a sudden about face on Iran...

The way I see it  |  Region: United States  |  Subject: Foreign Policy  |  6/17/14  |  Views: 79  |  

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