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Should We Have Stricter Gun Laws?

By: PoliticalNovice  |  In: Gun Control  |   United States  |   Gun Rights  |  Views: 1,035  |  Replies: 2

Stricter gun control laws enter the public debate every time we witness a major gun violence incident but then slowly fizzles out of our daily conversation. How do you feel about the issue? Can these...

Intro Post

By: dillon.allen  |  In: SmartVoter Vets Board  |   United States  |   Groups  |  Views: 313  |  Replies: 0

This post will be where we introduce ourselves and tell a little about our service. I'll kick it off.

I joined the Navy in 1998 so that I could become a submarine driver. Following college at...

Why aren't we using voter ID cards?

By: mattc1323  |  In: Voter ID Cards  |   United States  |   Elections & Voting  |  Views: 682  |  Replies: 15

Why haven't voters been required to have a voter identification card? This would help to ensure that people are voting for themselves only and that they are register to vote. I do not understand why we...

Are "Covered Jurisdictions" Still Needed in the Voting Rights Act?

By: PoliticalNovice  |  In: Voting Rights Act  |   United States  |   Elections & Voting  |  Views: 546  |  Replies: 0

After the civil war, many states implemented laws and procedures that continued to disenfranchise African Americans. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlawed voting qualification requirements that would...

Lowering The Voter Age

By: PoliticalNovice  |  In: Voting Rights  |   United States  |   Elections & Voting  |  Views: 538  |  Replies: 7

I came across an interesting article from the National Youth Rights Association making the argument for lowering the legal voting age from 18 to 16. After seeing the headline, I was curious about how...

Personhood Initiatives

By: PoliticalNovice  |  In: Personhood  |   United States  |   Abortion  |  Views: 932  |  Replies: 6

As an attempt to ban abortion, embryonic stem cell research and human cloning, several states have either had or will have voter initiatives to define "personhood" at the moment of fertilization. While...

What To Do About Underfunded PERS

The Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) is underfunded by more than $12 billion which is about 62% of what is needed to fund its liabilities. This threatens both retiree benefits and costs to taxpayers....

Are There Too Many School Districts?

By: PoliticalNovice  |  In: School District Consolidation  |   Mississippi  |   Education  |  Views: 666  |  Replies: 0

Mississippi has 82 counties and 149 school districts (plus three agriculture schools). In certain districts, administrative costs account for over half of the money spent which means less than 50% of...

What's Next For Personhood In Mississippi?

By: PoliticalNovice  |  In: After Initiative 26  |   Mississippi  |   Abortion  |  Views: 585  |  Replies: 3

With 58% of Mississippians voting against Initiative 26 on November 8th, what's next for Personhood in Mississippi? There were a lot of conflicting arguments in the final days leading up to the vote with...

How Will The Pardons Affect Barbour's Legacy?

By: PoliticalNovice  |  In: Haley Barbour's Legacy  |   Mississippi  |   General Interest  |  Views: 678  |  Replies: 0

In his final days in office, Barbour pardoned an unprecedented 208 convicts after pardoning only 8 during his first seven years in office. Controversy surrounds many of these due to the nature of their...

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