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Hensarling Touts Tax Reform If GOP Wins Both Chambers

Roll Call (CQ)  |  10/20/14 6:31 PM

If Republicans are looking to temper expectations for a GOP-controlled 114th Congress, Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling isn't doing such a good job.


Financial crisis failure frustrates Holder

CNN  |  10/20/14 5:35 PM

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder sat down with CNN's Evan Perez to discuss the highs and lows of his six years in President Barack Obama's cabinet. Here are six things we learned from the interview:


Labor Secretary Perez pushes Obama jobs proposals

Associated Press  |  10/20/14 5:26 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Labor Secretary Tom Perez sought Monday to re-energize President Barack Obama's stalled push for raising the minimum wage from $7.50 to $10.10 an hour and for making paid leave for mothers of newborns more widely available....


Alabama state House speaker indicted on corruption charges

Reuters  |  10/20/14 5:25 PM

(Reuters) - Alabama's Republican state house speaker was indicted on 23 criminal counts of corruption by a grand jury, court records released on Monday show.


Prosecutor clears DeMaio of sex harassment claims

Associated Press  |  10/20/14 5:11 PM

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- San Diego prosecutors say there isn't enough evidence to charge Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio with sexually harassing a former campaign aide or charge the aide with breaking into DeMaio's office....


Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released From Prison

ABC Politics  |  10/20/14 5:10 PM

A dangerous Maryland murder suspect was mistakenly released from prison Friday, and state corrections officials say they didn???t even know the man was missing until Sunday night.


Obama says gay marriage a constitutional right

Fox News  |  10/20/14 5:09 PM

President Obama’s views on gay marriage continue to “evolve.” The president now says he views same-sex marriage as a constitutional right.


San Diego DA: No Charges in Carl DeMaio Campaign Incidents

Roll Call (CQ)  |  10/20/14 5:08 PM

The San Diego District Attorney's office said it will not press criminal charges at this time regarding two investigations dogging Republican Carl DeMaio in a competitive House contest in California, according to a statement from the office Monday.


Don’t Miss the Inside Salon Politics Event

Salon  |  10/20/14 5:00 PM

Join Salon's own Blake Zeff and Joan Walsh and MSNBC's Steve Kornacki for an in-depth look at American politics


It's Warren vs. Brown — in N.H.

Politico  |  10/20/14 4:53 PM

Elizabeth Warren is taking on Scott Brown once again, this time in New Hampshire.


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