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Protesters of police killings to march on DC

Associated Press  |  12/13/14 10:07 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Thousands of protesters converged on the nation's capital Saturday to help bring attention to the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police and call for legislative action....


Senate aims to vote Monday on $1.1 trillion spending bill

Reuters  |  12/13/14 9:50 AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Friday struggled to pass a $1.1 trillion spending bill that would avert a looming federal government shutdown, postponing a vote until Monday when procedural hurdles begin to evaporate.


Karl Rove and Fox News’ worst nightmare: White males, the changing South and the truth about demographics and Democrats

Salon  |  12/13/14 9:30 AM

White males drove GOP's midterm wins. But dig deep into population changes and there's a very different story


Congress fails to revise government records law

Associated Press  |  12/13/14 9:24 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Advocates for greater openness in government were frustrated after Congress failed to update the Freedom of Information Act despite bipartisan support in the House and Senate....


UN still struggling to move aid into Syria

Fox News  |  12/13/14 9:13 AM

The U.N.'s decision in July to begin moving aid into war-torn Syria without the consent of President Bashar Assad was heralded as unprecedented. It was the first time that humanitarian need trumped a nation's sovereignty.


Protesters of police killings to march on DC

Fox News  |  12/13/14 8:44 AM

Thousands of protesters are expected to participate in a national march in Washington on Saturday to help bring attention to the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police and call for legislative action.


2016 contenders quiet on police shootings protests

Associated Press  |  12/13/14 8:33 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Since grand juries in Missouri and New York declined to indict white police officers in the deaths of two black men, protesters nationwide have demanded a reckoning and an acknowledgement that "black lives matter."...


Drone downer: Will new FAA rules ground recreational fliers?

Reuters  |  12/13/14 8:27 AM

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Americans shopping for toy remote-controlled airplanes or helicopters may find, sometime in the near future, that they come with unexpected accessories: A raft of new regulations.


Senate likely to vote on spending bill Monday; holds rare Saturday session to take up Obama nominations

Fox News  |  12/13/14 8:16 AM

The Senate will convene in a rare Saturday session after making some progress toward passing a $1.1 trillion bill to fund the government Friday night. Despite the step forward, lawmakers failed to lock down a deal after two Republican senators demanded the bill be stripped of money that could be used to implement President Obama’s new immigration policy. 


Bush’s willful ignorance: Why he wanted to know as little about torture as possible

Salon  |  12/13/14 8:15 AM

The debate over what Bush knew (and when he knew it) is important — but more for what it says about our own guilt


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